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Why Miguel Could Be the Good Guy Here

The “This Is Us” lovers are starting to feel like Miguel is starting to grow on them, something that they thought they would never feel. This is however the case as in (Season 2, Episode 11) where the Pearson clan is sitting in a circle, looking all uncomfortable as an addiction specialist guides kelvin towards opening up a group dialogue. Normally, they would be holding a family get-together at Randal’s sprawling mansion or at Kate and Toby’s sweet apartment.

This therapy is a result of the spiraling alcohol addicted to both pain killers and fame Kevin deciding to embark on a fast-speed highway drive with Tess, Beth and Randal’s young daughter, at the back seat. We all thought that we would see Kevin entering into what appeared to be a wreck but the writer knew that we would not have taken it. The couple had just had to go through uniting their foster daughter Deja to her biological mother and loosing Tess would have been too much.

A cop pulls him up and when we pick back up with him, he had been in the rehab for three months trying to do right by himself and the people around him that he had hurt.

This is why we are having the Pearson’s meeting which is a family thing meaning that Beth, Miguel and Toby are not invited. They therefore spend the afternoon drinking in bar which Toby thinks is ironic considering the circumstances. It is during this session that we learn that Kevin feels ousted by the family. This led to him looking for the admiration and the attention on the media that he never got from his family that was on everyone’s case except his leaving him feeling like a third wheel.

Essentially, it is the basic law of attraction at play now as Kelvin has focused his whole life on nabbing that ever important piece of the spotlight propelling himself towards mass recognition that does not replace the earlier neglect. As the other three are drinking, we focus on the Miguel, that is so sweet to the Pearson’s but we cannot ignore the fact that he is married to his best friend’s wife. The wife of Jack Pearson who is a “no fly zone” for everyone. Miguel knows his place which he is okay with and knows that to change it, it would require the reversal of the very fabric that weaves together the Pearson just like Kelvin. Their difference comes with the fact that Kevin will keep untying it until he makes amends and heals while on the other hand Miguel might just be the person to put it back together.